Dear reader,

Whenever I write these posts, I have to first start them in a word document, or in a notebook, or a piece of paper and then later copy them down on to the website when I feel like it’s ready. I hate it, but I get into this state of sort of a writers block when I get to that “Add a New Post” page, I get kind of nervous. Like, it just suddenly hit me that my words were going to be released for the world to see. Like, I can’t write anything because I feel as if I have to be profound and creative and eloquent whenever I type in that huge blinking box. 

And then I realized that it was sort of metaphorical for life and the choices and actions we make and take. 

A lot of us get scared to do certain things because we feel like it’s permanent and because we feel like we have to impress the world. We feel as if we have to get it all right on the first try, and immediately come up with the flawless, insightful “blog post” that seems to be the norm. 

Not everything you do in life should be this huge perfect thing, sometimes you’ll want to post something because it’s fun, and it reflects how you feel in a moment. You shouldn’t seek the validation and approval of your viewership. It’s okay to be spontaneous and break the norm of what is expected. 

In a very literal sense, don’t be afraid to dance your heart out and be goofy and silly because you feel as if people will think you’re lame or dumb or weird. Don’t even be afraid to dance in public when there is absolutely no music even playing! If you need to sort things out in your head, go ahead and talk to yourself while you’re walking down the street. Go ahead and try out for the play, even if you just heard about auditions yesterday and the audition is in 3 hours.

The worst things you can do are 1) not go for it, 2) fear imperfection, and 3) concern yourself with the judgment of others. 

“If we wait for the moment when everything, absolutely everything, is exactly perfect, we shall never begin,” -Ivan Turgenev

I am currently typing this not in a Word document, but on the actual website, which is very exciting for me.

I knew I had something to write about, but I didn’t know how to begin, so I simply started with whatever was running through my head in an instant. Then, from then on, it all started to come together. It had literally taken me 20 minutes to get into the 2nd paragraph, but now it’s totally something I’m proud of! I’m not even sure if this is coherent or if this makes any real sense in the scope of life. I think I digressed and started to twist what the real message of this metaphor was exactly.

Okay, I’ll try again.

“Don’t be afraid of the big blinky box of life,” = Don’t be afraid to be who you are, because the world is your canvas, and you can do anything you want. Don’t hesitate from expressing yourself due to a fear of imperfection, because you’ll rock it no matter what.

“Don’t be afraid to start writing if you know you have something to say,” = If you want to do something, and your heart/mind/gut/other-impulsive-body-part is telling you to do it, then you might as well go out and try it, because who knows where life and your actions can take you!

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been super into metaphors lately, and I cannot be stopped. (SOS)

Now go live your life! Kick butt and take names! Don’t be afraid to start, because you never know; that beginning may very well end up being an introduction, and somewhere down the road you’ll have an incredible conclusion.

Don’t let fear give you writer’s block; take control and write your little heart out, my friend.

With love and 681 words,


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