I cannot even describe how much I love this year’s seniors. I am so thankful to have had this group of people to grow up with for a little while. They have always been there, through it all, so far, and I am so thankful.

I have so many big sisters, letting me be a sobbing teenage mess around them, taking me under their wing, steering me in the right direction, empathizing with me, and sharing the beauty of who they are with me. I know I may not stay as close as I could wish with them, but I know they will do breathtaking things in the future and I will love seeing the fruits of their labor out in the world one day.

And I have big brothers, who though they do not realize it, have blessed me with a support system unlike any other. The uncomprehending, unconditional type of support; the kind that only a big brother can give, when they don’t quite understand why I’m panicking, yet give me a hug regardless, and push me to be amazing no matter the circumstances. I am beyond lucky to have had them in this little slice of my life, even if those relationships inevitably fade.

I wish those seniors the best of luck, no matter the road they choose and thank them for the best 3 years of my high school career thus far. Thank you for raising me up and never bringing me down. Your love has been empowering. 

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