High school is incredible; it’s so awesome, in the true definition of the word, to take a step back and look at it for a while.

In a couple of days, we’re going to be seniors.

Something will change inside of us. 

We’ll be at the top of our game.

This is our year to prove to our school exactly what we are capable of.

This is our year to live high school to its fullest extent.

We’ll feel invincible at football games, watching the sunset and taking glimpses at one of the last cliché high school movie scenes we’ll ever come to live.

We’ll feel invincible at basketball games, screaming our faces off with “I Believe” chants and crying tears of joy over a legendary win.

Onstage after opening night of a play or musical, knowing that we have nine more shows to kill, and perform our hearts out through.

At the Back to School Rally, being able to scream “SENIORS” for the first time in our high school careers, owning it, and realizing that holy crap, we’re seniors.

At Senior Sunrise, lying around with friends on a football field with blankets and bagels, knowing we have the best ten months of our lives ahead of us.

We’ll feel invincible on late night drives down the bypass at 11 o’clock after a dance, windows down, and music blasting at 37; senior tank tops on with wind blowing through our hair and tingles of euphoria rushing through our fingertips.

We’ll feel unstoppable.

Everything will be so important to us, and that is so beautiful.

We are so passionate over our friendships and our achievements and our teams, clubs, and competitions.

We pour our hearts and souls into personal statements and banquet speeches and ledger articles and pre-game pep talks and yearbook signatures.

We are so engaged in our teenage lives and allow it to consume our entire beings, and that is so incredible.

To watch 17 and 18-year-olds problem solve, grow academically, and overcome fears.

To watch them become the person they’ve been searching for for the past three years.

To watch peers struggle through the hell and back and yet still grow into beautiful, strong, and capable individuals.

High school is the crucible of a vast variety of personas and life-stories, and I am so thankful for it.

And even if your experience has been awful, be proud of yourself for making it this far, and appreciate the fact that you are learning, that you are growing, and that you have become a way bigger person than the itty bitty freshman that walked on this campus 3 years ago. 

Senior Year is a defining chapter of our adolescent lives. 

With intense ups and heart-wrenching downs.

I am beyond excited to take it all on, full force.

We’re invincible.

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