Contentment is a funny, beautiful thing.

A cool shiver of relief and happiness rushes from your cheeks to the tips of your toes at random times.

You find yourself lying in bed and burying your face in your covers and taking a deep breath, not out of exasperation, but as a moment to remind yourself that you’re alive, and this is a real moment in time.

Even in times when things are troublesome or tumultuous, you find stability. 

Overwhelming feelings no longer hit you like a tidal wave, but rather ebb and flow like the shoreline on a beach.

You feel like you have control over every facet of life, from the fit of your jeans to the perfect breeze during an afternoon walk.

Breathing comes easier. Sunny days don’t scratch at your skin like they used to. Chilly days don’t thump at your bones like they used to. 

When you find yourself in a state of euphoria and appreciation like this one, it’s hard not to write about it. When everything has such a visceral impact and nothing seems to feel wrong in your little realm of existence.

Cherish moods such as these. But don’t cling on to them. Allow them to come and go, for they are presents only to be truly appreciated in the present.

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