I always live by a motto or saying. Sort of a mantra if you will, but not quite.

Posted in my room, composed of magazine clippings portraying city skylines and house furnishings, is the quote, “This Too Shall Pass.” A lot of things happened at the time of this important piece of decor’s fruition, and all I had to remember was that this, too, shall pass. Life will go on. Life will continue to move forward, and I would still be alive and well to see it in the past.

Written on every page of my planner throughout the entirety of AP Testing was the Icelandic phrase, “þetta reddast,” meaning, “It will all work out okay.” I particularly was partial to this one as it gently reminded me of my dream to visit Iceland; it reminded me of how, once I am there in the future, things will have been proved to work out okay.

Yesterday, I had a phrase written in big letters on the back of my hand. 

“I will be grateful for this day.”

Aside from it being a Bright Eyes song that I had never heard before deciding to write this piece, I realized that it is a very important sentiment.

About 4 people came up to me and asked me what was written on the back of my hand, to which I would show them my hand, and reply with, “I write it down somewhere whenever I feel heavy or stressed.”

Every struggle, every hard test, every heartbreak, everything— you will learn from it, and you will grow from it. 

I cannot elaborate too much, without stating the obvious or without beating the idea to a pulp. I’ll allow you to interpret it however you’d see fit.

If things are tough, I need you to remember that you will be grateful for this day.

One thought on “Words to Remember

  1. true whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. ive been through a lot and its good in a way because its easier to deal with other tough situations when they come along.


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