Well, the golden summer has come to an end.

I could not have asked for a more incredible experience. Really. I am so unbelievably humbled having gotten this opportunity to study at the school of my dreams for a quarter, all while having the time of my life with my now-best friends ever. 

From doing homework at 5 in the morning, to going on trips to San Francisco, to dancing like fools at any given moment, to waking up to a beautiful sunrise every day; Stanford has been a perfect venue to house such wonderful, everlasting memories. 

We, all at sixteen or seventeen years old, have managed to, not only pass, but thrive in classes that have pushed us beyond our academic limits. Yet, we still managed to have the time of our lives, and I am so proud of us. 

I also will forever be in awe of the sheer talent and intellect I have been surrounded by for so long. I will miss the electric feeling you get from every heated debate or insightful conversation or sharp quip and punchline that filled the air. 

I just feel so lucky. 

I found so much joy and love here.

I found so many new perceptions regarding life, myself, and existence and have learned far more than just Java language and creative nonfiction writing form. 

I found a beautifully wonderful small, yet big, world on this campus. 

I found a home here.

Stanford might not be home, but these people are home. They feel like home.

I hope this video conveys to you the love, contentment, and excitement that I felt every day for the past 56 days. 

And if you’re one of my dear friends reading this, thank you for everything, I hope you enjoy. ❤

UPDATE: If you’re here after watching the video and thinking about applying– do it. Email me if you have any questions.

You won’t regret it. :~)

me + awesome staff on move-in day!!


*My friend screenshotted this email and sent it to me* (thank you, Charlotte) ❤

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