So, my blog is a mess right now. I am also a mess right now. But it’s okay! It’s a happy kind of mess that is very, very, close to becoming something awesome!

I’ve gotten to a point in my writing where I feel like  I want to post something, but then I scrap it because it’s not ~*~deep~*~ or ~*~insightful~*~ enough– and I’m not really a fan of that.

So! I have decided to make this blog more me than anything. I will post things about my life. With high school being back with a vengeance as an intense presence in my life (and with college apps being in full swing), I think this blog would be a good way to decompress and just sort of babble on about who I am, where I want to be, whatever realizations I have come to, etc., etc., etc.

So you’ll being hearing a lot more of my true voice in these next couple of months than before, which will be interesting. (I am even a little anxious to post this, because, honestly, this is just a shout into the void.) (Who will honestly enjoy just reading about how my day went?) (Do I have that big of an ego, thinking that people care?) (Yes, perhaps) (Or I like talking to myself) (Which is also true)

~I digress~ but, yes, I am excited and willing to open up more. I’m excited to make more sense of my absurd world, and hopefully, offer some relevant and universal insight regarding my successes and probable failures from this point forward.

But anyways!

  1. High school is a lot right now. Tennis season, AP’s, SAT Subject Tests, Homecoming, and, but of course, college apps are all happening all at once. It’s a beautifully hectic life, but it is electric.
  2. I am finding so much appreciation for teenagers and young people as of late. We are all superheroes. But that’s a whole other blog post in itself.
  3. I have four new piano pieces that I have started to learn, and the feeling I get whenever I play is indescribable.
  4. I have so much love for my friends that live in all corners of this country that I had met this summer. I am so lucky to have them; I can still feel their support and affection even from 2000+ miles away.
  5. Great things are happening, and even greater things are soon to come, and I find incredible solace in both of those sentiments.

And while everything is kind of overwhelming– it’s a good feeling. I know that I have a lot of huge responsibilities to keep me busy and some still very productive things to serve as distractions.

I go to bed at night exhausted and drained, from the top of my head to the tips of my toes– but I am grateful for every ounce of energy spent.

High school is a good thing. Life is a good thing.

Happy September!

Love, Izzy

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