serendipity (/serənˈdipədē/)  — noun

  1. the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

By chance. Yes, so accidental, right?

I, well, my brother and I both, have come to the conclusion that nothing accidental can happen to you if you don’t let it.

I mean, that’s a bit oxymoronic, but bare with me!

It is very hard for Chance to intervene in a life that does not take place where Chance thrives!

Life moves very fast. As you get older, a day comes to be a smaller and smaller fraction of your life– and pretty soon all of your days will pretty much go by as fast as a toddler blinks.

And this is why, you must present yourself to the world in a way in which a happy accident can occur!

My brother and I have been frequenting the city lately. And in the span of 2 trips, we have:

  1. Ran into my dear friend, Jeremiah, that was away on his mission, at H&M. That was the first time I had seen him in 2 years!
  2. Had some incredible burgers and sweet potato fries.
  3. Freestyled spoken word poetry at each other over the topic of the glorious milkshakes that were sitting in front of us at Burger Bar in San Francisco.
  4. Ran down an up-escalator (kinda).
  5. Served at a community food pantry for a morning!
  6. Met two lovely, lovely ladies while serving and made friends with them!
  7. Pet a corgi.
  8. Spoken to a lovely, ol’ British man while he drove us to our destination (we übered).
  9. Gotten buy 1 get 1 half off chicken teriyaki plates at this one restaurant!
  10. Gone to an art museum with free admission!
  11. And had some madly insightful conversations about what the world needs, the human condition, and things of that nature!

Honestly, some of those things didn’t really happen by chance, per se. However, none of these wonderful memories would have been made without releasing ourselves into the world with an open heart and an open mind.

We didn’t need a plan– we needed a starting pistol and a finish line, and the course was up to us. We set out with a purpose– whether to have lunch or to do some morning volunteer work– and ended up meandering the city, simply allowing life to unfold before us.

Whether it be going to the nearest city or even just stepping out of your house to go to the mall or the movies– get yourself out there, and allow the serendipity to find you.

And when she does, greet her with open arms and a smile, and thank her for coming.

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