Dear World!!!

It is a grand day!!!!!

A reader- a beautiful, beautiful, kind-hearted individual- emailed me. And I cried. I cried tears. My heart has swelled four sizes bigger than the average human’s and, all day, I could feel the warmth simply radiating throughout my entire body!!

I worry that maybe they do not want to be exposed, or have their story released unto the world, but I just want to express how wonderful this moment is for me.

Someone, living and breathing and all of that jazz, was affected by my writing. Someone that I do not know personally, someone that I have never met, someone that I am not even sure is a boy or girl or teenager or adult! Not only were they affected, but they felt compelled to write to me, which means the absolute universe to me, and then some! And then I realized that I have probably (hopefully) affected even more people! People who don’t reach out to me, yet are still reading nonetheless! This is insane. I feel so incredibly thankful for anyone who even casually scrolls through my page and clicks out.

This blog is for them. This blog is for you, whoever you are. This blog is a way for me to make sense of things in my life, sure, but, more than anything, this blog is for anyone who needs a bit of uplifting.

This blog is both my head and my heart at the same time, and both are here for anyone who needs it.

If you feel so compelled to write to me personally– to seek my advice or to simply have someone to talk to and bounce ideas off of– I am here and more than willing to be your penpal or something to that effect. I would love to hear your story.

I have already responded to them personally, but I just want to publicly thank that lovely individual who emailed me at 4 pm yesterday. Thank you for the light you have ignited within my little heart and for inspiring me in more ways than one.

I am ineffably thankful for anyone and everyone who reads anything I write.

Gosh, my heart is so full.


Love, Izzy

P.S. Feel free to email me at :~)

P.P.S. (I know the email is corny, but all the usernames were taken. Please. Have mercy.)

2 replies on “Update: Someone reached out to me!! (and I’m emotional)

  1. Hello!!
    I’m the one who sent you the email!! I have totally NOT been ignoring it– I read it probably in the same hour you sent it because i was waiting so excitedly lol, but i just wanted to let you know that i will probably email back in the next couple days– both because i am so busy and because i just have so much to say, so i spent time just gathering my thoughts.

    You are so lovely an I’m so incredibly honored. Btw I’m a female and a college student ^^

    Have a wonderful day/evening!

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    1. Hello! 🙂
      No worries! I completely understand, oh, it’s so exciting to hear back from you! I’m beyond thrilled that you’ve created a WordPress! I’m excited to read what you have to say, plus I look forward to your email!
      Hope all is well ❤


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