I think you’re awesome. I love your sense of humor. I think your sweaters are frickin cool, and I think your hair smells nice, and I feel so lucky to be your friend.

I want to thank you. Thank you, for a lot actually. For saving me from increasingly awkward walks to class alone, for giving me a destination to walk towards at lunch when I don’t actually know where to go, for teaching me how to small talk and for making me laugh 5 minutes more than I was expecting to that day. Thank you for making today brighter, really.

Thank you for teaching me how to kindle a friendship. For being living proof that if swallow my uncertainties of “how to start a conversation” enough times and just talk to someone, ultimately, it will begin to feel more natural and less scary– more like friendship. Thank you for starting conversations with me when I don’t know how.

Thank you for being my friend. You don’t realize it, but just walking with me for a couple 7-minute passing-periods has made days at school a whole lot better. Thank you for your inadvertent consolation. Thank you for lifting my eyes from the ground in front of me, and for giving my vocal chords a chance to shake a bit.

You’re doing high school right, my dear pal, and I am undeniably grateful for it.

Love always,

Izzy :~)

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