Hello, my friend!

It has been a solid five weeks since I last spewed my nonsense on the Internet. (Well, besides Twitter; that’s just chock filled with all sorts of nonsense.) But now, I’m back (again) with some more madness!

First, an update.

  1. I was in a musical. I was Janet Van de Graaff in The Drowsy Chaperone. It was incredible and, by far, the best experience in all of my high school life. I am currently writing about it, but I wanted to get an update post out of the way first because I have so much to say! Just look at this for now:  
  2. I also went to Ashland, Oregon for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival last week! Here are more things to look at:


  3. I thought I would have more to talk about and, well, “update” you on, but my whole life for the past 5 weeks has been Theatre and I’m 120% okay with that. So, you’ll hear all about my life sometime within the next week or so. :~)


News (that’s not extremely exciting, but I am, personally, very excited about it):

I recently realized that I really like making videos.

Well, I am partial to vlogging and throwing clips together to the beat of a song. I made that one Stanford Summer College montage and a music video for the song I wrote dedicated to the cast/crew/band of the Drowsy Chaperone, and I really genuinely enjoyed doing it. So, I made the spontaneous decision to further nurture my YouTube channel and make it another venue to explore another medium of art. (I also apparently really like blathering on about my life on the Internet, so why not show it to you, as well?) I’ll be trying little projects, mainly music videos to complement songs I have written, and I have a couple of ideas I would like to try out; however, I don’t have a fancy camera, so don’t expect too much of me… All I got is an iPhone 5S, some spunk, and a dream~*

Here’s my first video, it is mostly me snapping and saying, “okay.” Also, I mumble a lot in this, due to the fact that I felt like a crazy person talking to my laptop in an empty room, but let’s move past that. We can only go up from here!

(So, like and subscribe and maybe even leave a comment if you are so inclined!) (That was me being a YouTuber) (I know; I’m very in touch with the lingo, here)

Anyways, that’s life for now. I am starting up my last quarter of high school EVER on Monday, and I feel young, sweet, and 17.

I never realized how whole one person could feel! I feel incredibly lucky to not have a worry in the world right now; I feel so invincible, it’s a bit unsettling. I am well aware, that this is, of course, all due to the fact that I am on Spring Break, and all of my daily doses of stomach-churning-waves-of-impending-doom-in-the-form-of-AP-Physics are on hold for now, but I still feel like a galaxy is forming inside my chest and something incredibly beautiful is in the making.

I have made new friendships that I am unbelievably grateful for. Thinking about my responsibilities and deadlines no longer weighs me down like it used to. To be frank, I have lost some muscle mass and gained a couple pounds because I go out with my friends so often and kind of neglected the gym, but I feel so happy. I eat ice cream out of the tub and cry of laughter every day. I do my make-up in morning and curl my hair and wear sundresses to go grocery shopping. I cuddle with my dog and I talk on the phone late at night. I have people over until 3 in the morning, watching stupid movies and playing stupid games like Truth or Dare or Never Have I Ever. I dyed someone’s hair a couple nights ago because we felt like it. And let me tell you, my friends and I have cried to so many Disney Channel original movies lately and screamed so many High School Musical lyrics against the thudding, open windows of a 55 mph car that I almost forgot that we’re not in middle school anymore. It is our senior year, and we will be leaving this all behind very soon.

The people I have spent these past four years with are natural wonders in themselves, and I have never bared witness to more hard-working, talented, and loving people in my lifetime. To have the privilege of witnessing them dig their roots deep into the soil and reach their branches towards the sky is the greatest gift of all.

We have ten more weeks of this chapter. Part 2, we’re coming. :~)

Love always,

Izzy xx

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