Well, it came! Graduation Day. What I had spent 17 and a half years of my life building up to.

I cried a lot leaving campus the Friday before we graduated. School ended on Wednesday. However, I had some things to take care of, and it was incredibly hard having to leave a place that had given me so much. I spent four years of my life on that campus, growing and just living my life, and knowing that it was no longer mine was the epitome of bittersweet. 

However, walking down that field on Saturday morning, holding hands with my best friend, decked out in our robes/cords/stoles/caps, donning Columbia Blue and Gold one last time was the finishing touch on the wonderful portrait of my time here at HHS. 

So, without further ado, here’s the video I have been working on for quite a while.

My Senior Year (Heritage High School)

Here’s a rough list of the who/when/where of every clip involved:

Senior Chant x Back to School Rally

Tennis Season

Sunset @ Walk Thru

The Leadership Room (ES101)

Varsity Girls Tennis Team

Peyton x Homecoming Float Building

Malzahn x Homecoming Float Building

Courtney’s Birthday

Homecoming Parade

Homecoming Game

Team Bonding Day

Varsity Football’s Haka

Stanford Application Submission

Senior Sunrise

Brother x New York Trip

First Varsity Victory Water Dump

Kiara x Homecoming Parade

Richard’s Birthday on the East Coast

New York

Driving to school

Stanford Acceptance

Brother x Driving

Half Moon Bay Trip

I Believe x Back to School Rally

Football Games

Grad Night

Drowsy Chaperone

Chandler and Josiah x Great America Leadership Trip

Mt Diablo x Morning Runs

Driving to School

After School Naps

Sunrise before Monday Morning Meetings

Big Blue Madness

HSM Reunion Night

Anna x Rehearsals

Storming the Court at Rivalry Basketball Game

Zac x Rehearsals

Alex x Rally Clean-Up

Basketball Games

Car Dates with Soph

Rivalry Basketball Game


Brother comes home

Theatre Gals x Hiking

Killing a pizza with brother @ 1am @ Stanford

ProFroGo x Stanford’s Admit Weekend

Bec and Soph x Hiking

Sienna’s Signing to UC Riverside

Lamps of Knowledge at our Last Honor’s Assembly

Chris, the loml

Half Moon Bay Trip

Valentine’s Day Rehearsal Lunch

Stanford’s FB Group

Driving Down 4

Lit Late Night Drives

Cuddle Puddles

Zach being the coolest

After School Views

Harri x AP Physics

Brother being a nerd

Galentine’s Day

Sitzprobe Rehearsal

ITS Week

Caleb’s Promposal

00’s Pop Night Drives

Galentine’s Day

Mr. Fallows

Chris, my love, still

Girl’s Night

Playing Slit Throat Mafia in the Theatre

Becca being adorable

Charlotte being adorable

Caleb and Ashley being adorable

Homecoming Float Building

Ashley x Bowling Alley Arcade

Mere x Ashland, OR

Julia x Half Moon Bay Drive


Digger’s at Opening Night

Ava and Chris x Odds

Chris x Opening Night of the Drowsy Chaperone

Galentine’s Day


Ashley x Algebra 2

Shawn and Brother x Hiking Mt. Diablo

Black Light Rally

Opening Night of the Drowsy Chaperone

The Cast sees Gigi @ LHS

Ashland, OR

Chandler and Josiah x Mr. Patriot

morP (Theatre Prom)

Ari Visits UC Berkeley

Varsity Boys Tennis wins BVALs

Girl Time Tradition

Gas Station Run for ICEEs

Richard x Chance 3 Listening Party

Theatre III/IV

Senior Ball at Metreon SF

Driving to SF

Star Wars Movie Night

Ashland, OR

Kiara x Senior Sunset

Superhero Day (ITS Week)

Leadership Banquet

Senior Sunset

Theatre Gals @ Sunset

Cool Kids

Sunset Runs

“Camping” w/ Marcus and Miah

Driving to Half Moon Bay

Walking at Half Moon Bay

Walking on through a field on our hike

Walking out of rehearsal

Walking on the last day of school

Walking at sunset

Walking to Cabaret in Ashland

Walking down a cliff

Walking on the last day of third quarter

Sunset Run

Pursuit of Happiness @ Senior Ball

Bus Ride from Great America w/ Leadership

Senior Weekend @ Santa Cruz

Chris’s Promposal

Zac x Rock n Bowl

Soph Coming Home

Mexican Food in Capitola

Half Moon Bay

Sundae Night

Mere x Half Moon Bay

Chris x Senior Ball

Pacer Test (ITS Pledge Task)

Shania’s Birthday

Julia x Half Moon Bay

Ashley x Arcade

Closing Night of the Drowsy Chaperone

Scotty P x AP Physics

In N Out

Senior Sunset

Academic Signing Rally

Graduation Day :’)

And now summer’s here, I chopped a foot and half of my hair off, I’m going to Cabo in a week, and I am ready for anything. 


Thanks for the memories, HHS.

Stanford, here I come!

Here’s to the future!




3 replies on “VIDEO: My Senior Year

  1. Omg, you went to HHS? I go to CHS and we played them a bunch of times this past tenis season. It’s my dream to go to Stanford and seeing that someone who attended a school so similar to mine got in makes me feel like I can get in too . . Good luck on the ‘farm’❤️

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