hello beautiful person! i hope you’re well!

i have two new videos to gift you this week~ but one of them is highlighted a bit more in this post~

i started the week with the first installment of mellow mondays~! featuring a bullet journaling video (that i have wanted to make for so long!)~ i don’t know if i’ll make them regularly, but i had so much filming and sharing how i put together my spreads, particularly because i watched So Many journaling videos to destress while i was at school. in this video, i start off by debriefing things that happened in november with its own page, and then i started setting up my planner for december. i always list my favorite things, big happenings, and any notes i had for the month before moving on to the next month. this is actually one of the tools that i came up with to cope with stagnation during this entire year.

i had a phone call with my friend mortaza on monday night, after i had been struggling all day to finalize a topic to film for friday’s video (and had started to wonder if posting twice a week was a good idea???), but while i was on the phone with this dear friend, i was finally able to vocalize an idea that i had been sitting on for a while.

i’ve been putting a lot of my effort into honoring my internal life (which honestly sounds so mmmmmmm….???but hear me out)

every time i’ve come to a point where i feel like i’m stuck, i’m falling behind my peers, or just feel like i’m 100% nothing and 100% doing nothing, i ground myself with some of the things that i describe in the video. i take note of each and every mundane change in my day-to-day, i notice the little shifts and moments of joy in each day, i check in with friends, i speak with my therapist, i try everyday to remind myself that i will not always see the ways that i’m growing reflected onto my surroundings (especially while we’re still stuck at home).

i describe all of these things in more detail in the video (which you’ll have to watch to learn more about!!! :~)) but honestly i hope that anything i mention can help you along in any way. this is not necessarily meant to jumpstart you into “doing things” or to tell you that simply being productive will fix your feelings of stagnation. i think approaching it more gently and remedying feelings of dissatisfaction with ourselves and our surroundings could open us up to the energy needed to “get started” or to pursue the changes that we seek.

this video is instead meant to guide you through ways to perhaps find peace in the mundane and in the ordinary to mediate the stress of believing you are hitting a wall, you’re not doing enough, or you’re falling behind.

it’s so normal to feel like nothing is happening right now and to feel like your life is on pause, but i hope that some of the ways that i’ve suggested to help reframe your day-to-day can help you recognize how vibrant you are: even when you’re not producing, even when you’re not regularly seen by others, and much more.

there is a time and a place to motivate change, getting up, and getting started– if you feel that you need change, then i of course encourage you to find and enact that change! however, i believe adopting ways to bring focus to the little things, that are often enjoyed in passing, could never hurt. i don’t think this is one size fits all- you may take what you need whenever you’re ready.

i just want you to know that you are lovely! you are not Bad! and you are trying your best to get better and you should celebrate that and keep going. ❤

please like and share the video with someone who perhaps might need it if you found any of the things i mention to be helpful 🙂 and if you have any of your own tips, leave a comment with some of the ways that you cope with feeling stuck or stagnant~ and of course, please subscribe and tell your friends! we’re growing, we’re building, we’re very excited!

i love you, i’m still getting used to all of this the editing is a little wonky, and i tried a new mic this time……. (honestly using phone voice memos is just, the ultimate!) but hey!!!!! it’s difficult and scary and fun and fulfilling all at once! 🙂

also, i’ve opened my instagram again after being scared and anxious about social media for a good while (the app is…….hmmmm….. ….. ………. ) but i think this is growth! i just need to find balance again. i’ll talk more about that in the future…. anyway find me at @izzyainsta if u wanna… love uuuuuuuuu

thank you for watching and reading as always.

you’re my best friend

love, ❤


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