hello ❤ i hope you’re well today, and everyday, but particularly today.

i came to drop by and tell you that anything you’re feeling today makes complete sense. it’s all valid, all of it. your feelings, and your feelings about your feelings… it’s all fair and valid and okay.

i think people need a lot of different things right now. space? time? to rest. to grieve. to celebrate. to mourn. to not think at all. to think a whole lot. i don’t know…

so, i would like to offer to you: for this new years eve, take that space and take that time.

there is no rush to set intentions. there is no perfect way to end or begin anything, open or close a year. we are stumbling through the year, and we will stumble into the next. maybe not stumbling, but rather letting yourself roll. like you would down a hill in your dreams, through the tall grass and dust and the afternoon sun. accepting the bumps and the scrapes and stopping whenever the ground levels.

if anything, today feels like an incredibly random day to start over. so, go on and brush yourself off whenever you feel moved to. it can be tomorrow. it can be the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, whenever. it can be weeks from now. it can be a few days ago. it can be right now. you move whenever you need to. i’m letting go of my rituals, and making them more flexible for this year and onward, and i invite you to join me, if you need to.

i realised last night while writing this journal entry, that in these past few weeks, i’ve been putting a lot of pressure on myself to lean into the ceremonies and rituals i’ve developed over the past few years for the end of the year period. with my birthday so close to new years, i always spend the week journaling, centering, thinking, creating a whole lot– all by myself– until i feel closure with the year and get ready to start the next one. this year is different for a number of reasons but mainly (for me): 1) i have spent the larger part of the year naturally alone, and suddenly the holidays feel crammed with connection (that i welcome with open arms, but still have trouble adjusting to so suddenly); and 2) i also feel incredibly ready to share absolutely everything on my mind to absolutely everyone (which is energy that i also welcome, but it is overwhelming, trying to discern what can be said, how i am able to say it, and what must be said).

i don’t know… i’m starting to rethink any practices that make me feel like i am running late. anything that feels forced. anything that is bound by external shifts rather than internal ones? i love the start of the year, and i love the communal opportunity to get things going, but i hope that it does not push any more burden on us than we already bear. listen to your body, listen to your self, and be forgiving. there is no right or wrong answer. i have faith in you to move as you see fit. ❤

i love you. in honor of my birthday, i made a little video to talk about some things i’m thinking of as i move into this next year. nothing set in stone, but simply things i’m currently working with. you can also find it linked below.

i hope you treat yourself gently today and always and especially as we move into tomorrow. let go. take a breath. i love you and i am wishing you peace, warmth, and wellness– whatever that may look like to you. i’ll see you in the new year. ❤

all of my love,


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