*22, 2021

during which: i keep making youtube videos. i keep having braces. i think i apply to teach english in korea, but i don’t get the job and thank god i didn’t. i get my wisdom teeth taken out, then i get my covid vaccine. i begin reading and writing about astrology everyday. i spend so much beautiful time with my dogs. i decide in the spring that i need to get a full time job and i take the first offer that comes. i get supremely overwhelmed. i talk about nothing but work and my non-existent work-life balance. but it funds my new san francisco apartment. i tour and apply and move there all by myself. i found a place down the street from my brother and it’s the best.

i spend so much time by myself. i spend a lot of time stressing about work. i don’t actually know how i spend all of my time, but i watch a lot of tv and get migraines from screen time. i was so stressed. i learn so much astrology though. i am also obsessed with remi wolf. i write my first song in years with my brother and his roommate. i go on walks, but not as many as i need. i return to the gym. i listen to a lot of podcasts and buy lots of furniture.

brenna comes and lives with me for a month to ring in autumn, and we run away with my family to the beach for a weekend. i dye my hair bright red. i go on vacation with austin’s family in october. i start therapy again in december. austin moves in with me. i spend my birthday with my cousins in the city.

–izzy, *23