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Welcome to 16til26*

My name is Isabela Angus, and I am the creator of 16til26*.

When I was 16 years old, I started a blog called isabelaangus.wordpress.com.

It started out as a personal blog; I shared whatever thoughts came into my head, offered advice and insight whenever I could and reflected upon shortcomings and mused on about lovely things in my life. I always emphasised the fact that I am still a teenager and, though I am spewing all of these things on the Internet with some sort of naïve confidence, all I can really do is offer perspective.

So, I did that, for about a year.

Then, as I got more feedback from people regarding the content I created, I realised that everyone has been through it. Everyone has been 16 before and had no clue as to what is going on.

Then I realised that there are so many people that have yet to turn 16. Have yet to have their first kisses and find their first jobs and grapple with their values and their identities.

All looking forward to applying for college, graduating high school, finding a job, filing taxes, finding a place to live, finding a spouse. On top of that, you have to struggle with the negativity of being an angsty, blooming adult, the whole “finding yourself” thing, the itch to change the world, trying to get out of slumps that routinely seem to drag you down every two months or so, etc., etc., etc..

Ages 16-26 is an incredibly important period of time that is a behemoth of a thing to conquer. We all have some vague idea of what is yet to come, but a lot of us are shooting in the dark.

So, here I am. Attempting to shed some light on a formative and complex decade of our lives. It’s still a personal blog. However, I’ll now, to the best of my ability, try to highlight milestones and obstacles that I believe a lot of people will eventually have to overcome.

I’ll make mistakes; I’ll try to make the best of them, but most of all, I will learn from them.

Mind you; my word is not gospel, and I am not the harbinger of all things of or relating to growing up and adulthood.

However, I’ll try my best. I’m still learning. Hopefully, you can learn with me, too.

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