Author: Izzy

8pm thoughts from Homecoming Week

I’m sitting at school at 8 o’clock at night after the first of many 13 hour days at school. I feel warm. I adore these kids. Whether they know it or not, whether they choose to acknowledge it or not, I love every single one of them with all of my heart. They’re full of energy […]


serendipity (/serənˈdipədē/)  — noun the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. By chance. Yes, so accidental, right? I, well, my brother and I both, have come to the conclusion that nothing accidental can happen to you if you don’t let it. I mean, that’s a bit oxymoronic, but bare […]

A Piece of My Final Piece

I wrote a final piece for my Creative Nonfiction Writing class here at Stanford. After reading part of it to my professor and my classmates, I realized that I wanted to share with you an excerpt from the 9-page behemoth it eventually became. I believe it has something significant to say.

A Note On Contentment

Contentment is a funny, beautiful thing. A cool shiver of relief and happiness rushes from your cheeks to the tips of your toes at random times. You find yourself lying in bed and burying your face in your covers and taking a deep breath, not out of exasperation, but as a moment to remind yourself […]