Author: Izzy

A Journal Entry on the Importance of Journal Entries

I apologize in advance for how scattered the thought process may seem; this was just a stream of consciousness, like all journal entries. Just– just bare with me. (Written Tuesday, June 9th, 2015 12:07 pm) “Wow, let me tell ya; journals are the most important things in the world. Honestly, I am so in love […]

thoughts on progress and achievement and how massively huge it all is

Progress is so important. Appreciating the journey towards anything is so important. You could feel like you’re getting nowhere in a moment, feel like you’re at a standstill or have plateaued in your development as a person; yet once you look back, you realize how far you’ve come since the start of your journey. Every […]


High school is incredible; it’s so awesome, in the true definition of the word, to take a step back and look at it for a while.

Blurb: Seniors

I cannot even describe how much I love this year’s seniors. I am so thankful to have had this group of people to grow up with for a little while. They have always been there, through it all, so far, and I am so thankful.

Writer’s Block

Dear reader, Whenever I write these posts, I have to first start them in a word document, or in a notebook, or a piece of paper and then later copy them down on to the website when I feel like it’s ready. I hate it, but I get into this state of sort of a […]

An Introduction

Hello! Oh, I am so excited to have this. I really have been meaning to create a blog for the absolute longest time. I just wanted to introduce myself, even though you probably already know me (I don’t expect the realm of my viewership to really expand beyond my high school’s campus) (and maybe my […]