“I love big things.

No, I love feeling small.

I admire redwood trees and the time required for it flourish so exquisitely.

I get lost in large comforters, trying to traverse the tangles of textile.

I remain awed by mountains and valleys and the majesty they present to the world.

I revere tall skyscrapers and their window washers, and the achievements of mankind. 

I contemplate the populations of this planet, the vast spectrum of cultures and experiences, ages, and creeds.

I relish in attempting to quantify the sizes of stars billions and trillions of miles away.

I lie, tiny, on the unlit field, allowing the blanket of speckled velvet above to wrap around me, being so close, yet so far away, light arriving from a time far passed.

I love big things.

I love the incomprehensible, the unquantifiable. I can juxtapose myself alongside the massive, forget my worries, and exist alongside the many.

I love being small.

Pettiness vanishes within the big picture. Stressors of the individual melt away in a crowd of them. Nothing matters except the system and my position in the midst of it all.

I love big things.

I love your hugs shrouding me with safety and security and your hands on my hipbones.

I love being small.

I love being a member of a team, a part of a whole.

I love big things. And I love being small.

And this must be why I love being with you.”

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