I’ve decided that if I publicize my bucket list and start it right now, then I will have a more heartwarming journey when I set out to check things off of it once I’m middle aged and stumble upon this blog once again! Also, I know I am achieving things now that I deserve to be proud of in decades to come, so I may as well throw them on this here as well.

  1. Start a blog
  2. Fall in love
  3. Get married
  4. Have 2 kids
  5. Graduate from high school
  6. Get my bachelor’s degree
  7. Get my master’s
  8. Travel to Iceland
  9. Study abroad
  10. Learn how to play the harp
  11. Record a Christmas album to give to my family
  12. Receive my Certificate of Merit for Advanced Level Piano
  13. Perform in my Senior Solo Recital
  14. Publish a book
  15. Be fluent in Chinese
  16. Be fluent in French
  17. Meet a soulmate
  18. Write 10 really good, thoughtful songs I can be proud of
  19. Backpack across Europe
  20. Travel somewhere with Sam like we had all planned out in high school
  21. Have a private jet, maybe not own one, but fly somewhere in one, maybe
  22. Meet Ellen or Emma Watson or Benedict Cumberbatch or Tom Hiddleston (preferably all)
  23. Watch my brother get married and be a dad-ly dad
  24. Own a corgi
  25. Go to a music festival
  26. Pamper my parents
  27. …(to be continued)

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