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vid: my first youtube video (again!), some of the things i’m processing in quarantine

i’m starting my youtube channel again! in this video, i talk about a few of the things that i’m trying to process– insecurities that were brewing in the past couple years, but certainly came to a head once i started living at home with very little external validation and social interaction. here, i give a little life update, and touch on three main points that i’m trying to remind myself of everyday.

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vid: through the night by iu (cover)

this song has been one of my comfort songs throughout all of 2020. i have been studying korean ever since we left campus in march and it is in this hobby that i’ve found massive fulfillment and joy while feeling really isolated. the more i get to know the language, the more i sing this song, the longer quarantine goes on, and the further away i feel from people and memories– the more this song seems to mean to me. i hope it can give you a bit of peace and comfort~

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4* a week with dana

hello! my name is dana, i’m a student at Brown studying Environmental Science and UX Design. but really, on a day-to-day basis i’m studying and understanding myself as a person, relative to what i’m learning. climate change is my issue and design is my medium — i get a lot of joy from talking to…

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