Who I Am

Who are you?

I’m Isabela Angus, I’m 18 years old and people call me Izzy. I’m a freshman at Stanford University. I talk to my dog, Coco, like he’s a person. I put milk in my tea always and I like to make music. I love loving.

How did you start blogging?


I texted my mom that in December ’14. Then five months later, isabelaangus.wordpress.com became a thing. Now, here I am! With a sick new domain trying to help someone- anyone.

I’ll be honest; in the sixth grade I was obsessed with YouTubers and celebrities after that and admired how much of an impact they had on me, along with thousands, if not millions, of other people as well. I wanted to be someone who could be somewhat present in an individual’s life, even if it’s just through words on a screen, as a positive influence.

I figured posting paragraphs as Instagram captions about my growth every week wouldn’t be a very viable way to communicate to people the things I’ve learned. So, I started this.

How can I contact you?

Contact Page!! I am mediocre at replying to emails, but I usually respond within 1-4 days, period. Also, you can follow me on Twitter and DM me.

Where did you get the idea for 16til26*?

I stumbled upon it accidentally when I was trying to write a bio for the header section of my blog. It was initially a clever introductory phrase of a sentence to open up as to why I write, but then I exploded and got excited and texted/called my brother about it.


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birth of a genius

I swapped out the “to” for a “til”, and the rest is history.