About Me

Who are you?

I’m Isabela Angus, I’m 20 years old and people call me Izzy. I’m a junior at Stanford University. I make music and write myself out of everything. I’m from Northern California, I’m constantly growing and changing, and I spend my time creating anything and everything.

How did you start blogging?



These are texts from my mom from December ’14. 6 months later I did it! I used to post long Instagram captions, then I decided a blog was a more suitable venue for such things. The blog went from isabelaangus.wordpress.com to 16til26.com in 2017, the rest is history!

How can I contact you?

16til26.com/contact or email me at izzy@16til26.com

What’s your favourite colour?

Yellow, but every day I grow fonder and fonder of red.

What happens when you reach 26?

We’ll see. 🙂

What is one thing that you want all of your readers to know?

I am grateful to have such an intimate account of how much I have changed in the past however many years. Thank you for caring, if you do, and I am more than happy to continue sharing myself with you.

For professional inquiries, please refer to my online portfolio: iangus.me