About Me

Who are you?

I’m Isabela Angus, I’m 19 years old and people call me Izzy. I’m a sophomore at Stanford University. I make music and write myself out of everything. I’m from Northern California, I’m constantly growing and changing, and I’m doing my own damn thing.

How did you start blogging?


These are texts from my mom from December ’14. 6 months later I did it! I used to post long Instagram captions, then I decided a blog was a more suitable venue for such things. The blog went from isabelaangus.wordpress.com to 16til26.com in 2017, the rest is history!

How can I contact you?

16til26.com/contact or email me at izzy@16til26.com

What’s your favourite colour?

Yellow, but every day I grow fonder and fonder of red.

What happens when you reach 26?

We’ll see. 😉

What is one thing that you want all of your readers to know?

I am grateful to have such an intimate account of how much I have changed in the past however many years. Thank you for caring, if you do, and I am more than happy to continue sharing myself with you.