september 2019

dear reader,

for a long time, i have felt estranged from this blog. you might be new, but that’s okay, i feel comfortable telling you this, nonetheless.

this site is about growing. it’s been with me for almost 5 years of my life now, and it has seen so much of me. writing here used to free me. it allowed me to extend myself beyond my physical and dream out loud. dream on paper. speak things into existence.

once i reached my 19th, 20th year it became an anchor. a constant reminder of ways that i was lacking when i first started writing. how simple and how optimistic and naïve could a single person be?

but growth is not about reprimanding the seed for not seeing the sky.

so i am focusing less on the past. the past is still there and available for you to dig up, if you so please. but this site is now a bulletin. for what’s on my mind and what i’ve been up to.

not an answer, nor conclusion in sight. no game plans. no ultimate plays.

just me. and a cursor and a white screen.

and you, of course.

thank you for everything. whether you’ve been here since i was 16 and soaring or waiting patiently, steeped in the radio silence of 20.

i love you.


*find past mission statements below.

July 2016

Dear Reader,

The purpose of this blog is simple: I want to share with the world my present 10 years. I want to share with the world the art I’ve created because of this period of time. I want to share what I’ve learned, how I’ve struggled, why I do the things I do. I want to share why I am the way that I am. I want to share what exactly this very important decade has in store for me. I graduated high school, I’m now at university, and eventually, I’ll have to find a job and a place to live and navigate my early 20s.

I still have the next 7 years of my life to tackle and I want to you along for the ride.

This is my take on life. I am particularly partial to looking on the bright side of things and turning everything into a learning experience.

From 16 ’til 26, all I can hope to do is grow. Thank you for stopping by and I’d love for you to stick around.

December 2015

(Now that I am 17, I feel like I have to update this)

Dear reader,

I am a now 17-year-old girl, living in a beautiful little town, soon to embark on her journey into the real world (well, college).

My mission is still the same- to spread the same kind of feelings of regard I have for living and existence to those who read my posts.

I must admit, this blog is mildly selfish. I write to rationalize my own life and maybe even publicize. I  write because I love keeping in touch with you all, and I love seeing how far from home my words can reach. I won’t deny the mild narcissism that comes with having the audacity of running a blog, especially one named after myself.

However, despite this, I do genuinely hope to bring perspective to the table in my posts whenever I write about my own life. Whether it’s just rambling about how much I appreciate everything (which is about 80% of my posts) or offering unsolicited advice, all I can offer is another point of view. My point of view is not better or worse than someone else’s, it is simply here for you to interpret as you wish.

And if it brings you solace or joy, or if you disagree to the fullest extent, I appreciate you taking the time to peek into my life for a little while.

Thank you for stopping by :~)

Love, Izzy

May 2015

Dear reader,

I am a 16-year-old girl living in a beautiful little town with a beautiful little life.

Hopefully, my thoughts on my day-to-day existence will help others find the glory of living in their own lives as well.

As I am young and somewhat sheltered, I am in awe of the vast spectrum of the types of people and types of experiences lived on this earth. I would very much like to one day gain insight into lives and cultures that are beyond me and my comfortable existence.

I simply want to live as fully as possible, to be grateful for every day lived, to stay present, and to see life from perspectives beyond my own.

I will try my hardest to convey my mission through these posts. However, as a teenage girl susceptible to getting lost in the excitement of high school life, it may seem lost from time to time. I might very well even go on weird angsty, overtly poetic and romanticized tangents and/or fiery activist rants. But I’m still living and loving just the same, seeking new views and growing as a person here and there.

I thank you for any support you give me, whether I know you personally or not, and I hope my pursuit of worldly happiness and knowledge aid you in your journey as well.

With love and a tight squeezy hug,


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