Oh, I am so excited to have this. I really have been meaning to create a blog for the absolute longest time.

I just wanted to introduce myself, even though you probably already know me (I don’t expect the realm of my viewership to really expand beyond my high school’s campus) (and maybe my aunt’s home a couple of hours away).

I’m Izzy! I use a lot of words, everyday, in all ways, I’m quite long-winded. So, I figured a blog would be my best bet, as of right now.

I love things, all sorts of things, I like sunsets and bike rides, ice cream and all kinds of clouds, rolling around in the grass and being barefoot, singing and laughing, dancing and sweating, movies and crying, basically everything about music, and high school (with all of my heart).

I love learning, giving advice, and hugging.

And, beyond that:

I am eternally grateful for you, especially if you subject yourself to my ramblings, tangents, and musings from here on out.

This is simultaneously my heart and my stream of consciousness all laid out on display for the world to feast upon.

So, with that, bon appétit! I look forward to our future together, my dear reader and even dearer friend.

Thank you for your time :~)

With love and a big cheesy smile,


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