Woah!! Ohohohohoho, it has officially been over a year since I started this thing!

16til26.wordpress.com has been a love of mine for a whole year now!

I have published 33 posts since last May, which altogether have over 12k views from visitors from over 53 countries! 

That’s crazy!!!

~1 year ago~

~9 months ago~

ohohoho tbt

And now, here we are today!

I haven’t had time to write much lately, which my past few posts have explained, but this site has brought me so much joy, and it has touched corners of the world that I never thought my words could ever reach.

If you’re subscribed, thank you so much for your support and for bothering to listen to my jabber!

And even if you’re an infrequent flyer here, thank you for stopping by anyway! 

I am very excited to see where this goes in its next year of life. I am still crawling through my last week and a half of high school, but once final projects are over, I’ll be writing PLENTY about my experiences in this beloved little public school education system in retrospect. 

So, Happy Birthday, Blog!! I’ll come up with a more clever name for you one day, one that isn’t just 16til26.wordpress.com, but that day is not today. :~)

That’s all I have to say! I threw in a little something because I was itching to share more, so, please, enjoy. Happy Thursday!

BONUS: Cool Things I’ve Been Living For These Past Two Weeks:

  • COLORING BOOK by Chance the Rapper. chanceraps.com – Listen to it. Change your life.
  • PENTATONIX – Mainly with Scott and Mitch and SuperFruit, as well as the whole group’s newest album. Honestly, I just- I love them. I’ll be seeing them in concert in October, and my body is ready. If you follow me on Twitter, you can read about my daily tears over Scott Hoying. Also, if you like them too and somehow find yourself in at the San Jose concert date, let a sista know and say hi!
  • ClickHole.com, in general.
  • The rate at which new memes pop up on Twitter.
  • This
  • This:
  • Tim Urban, the author of Wait But Why. He did a TED Talk recently, and I was so proud of him and then I proceeded to spend 5 hours reading through his blog (again).
  • The fact that I suddenly have 349857934587 good, high-quality pictures of me from all these picture-taking opportunities and fancy events. I want to post all of them, but, like, I feel like that’s too much, therefore,I’ll do it anyway!
  • Opp 1: SENIOR BALL in SF and my super fly date~ 



  • Opp 2: My SENIOR PORTRAITS (by Isabelle Dizon) :~) 
  • Opp 3: Zachie B taking cool pics of all my friends when we all hangout
  • Lastly, I’m in love with the idea of BEING A SENIOR and GRADUATING IN 2 WEEKS: But that’s for a later post. I’ll add that to the list of future post topics~*~*~


❤ Izzy

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