just decided to start summer series: 2017 bc I have learned so much! And I haven’t written about any of it! It will be a series of about 7?? posts. it’ll be something like awow. read more about it down below ❤

16:57 august 24th, 2017 (thursday) // oakland international airport

hey y’all!

i don’t know if i will ever get better at posting during busy times (which is pretty much all the time). but that’s okay! as long as i’m writing to some capacity. i currently have 39 unfinished drafts sitting in my user dashboard. i have dozens of things i need to write about, but every time i start typing, my mind shoots to a different thing on that list. so it’s a bit counter productive!

so I decided to start this thing, akin to awow, called ~summer series: 2017~ because there have been many themes to this summer of #growin and #lovin. and i can’t just shove it into one post. so we’re gonna do this:

table of contents**:


  1. closing time
  2. my insecurities and how i’m getting ’em gone!!
  3. my anxiety! (history, manifestation, and how i deal)
  4. i love myself so much and i deserve to love myself so much
  5. i’m a goddess! never forget it. live it. 
  6. (something about oregon and brenna and friendship)
  7. (something about sophomore college!!)

**titles subject to change, but who knows!

so now, here’s an update. i have 2 hours until my flight into Eugene to visit Brenna (!!!), so I have plenty of time to write and write and write today. 

closing time by semisonic

My time as a mentor in High School Summer College has ended! I lived in Cardenal 203; it was a lovely little single with hardwood floors and a bed that overlooked the courtyard. The sunset filtered through the big tree outside at 6:30 every day. I had fairy lights strung up across my ceiling and I could almost always hear the rustlings, doors opening-and-shutting, and laughter of my residents. Being a mentor was one of the greatest things I could have asked to do. From suddenly being showered with unconditional love, having a wonderful boss and staff, and getting to meet and open up to these ridiculous kids that I can call my friends now, I love this program. 

This program has obviously been the setting for everything I’ve learned this summer. Whether it be directly related to the residents or it had to do with just being on-campus, yet away from the typical social climate of the Academic Year™, all of it could only have been learned in the beautiful pseudo-isolation of summer. ❤

I’m gonna say that this, right now, is the official end of my freshman year. I took two classes this summer and one of them destroyed me, so I am excited to have a break. I’ll be in Oregon until Tuesday, then I will be home for a few days, and then I’ll be in Monterey for SoCo for three weeks. So basically: books, nature, and lovely people for a month!

Also, I sent Meredith off to SDSU this morning, which is absolutely outrageous. Basically yesterday, she was a sophomore and my doubles partner and her friendship has remained a beautiful, steadfast light in my life since then. She’s gonna do so well in college, it’s actually ridiculous. Disgusting. Stop growing up. 

Everything is wrapping up! The plane is about to start boarding. I need to pee. So, I’m gonna go! Talk to you soon.

Love and love and love,


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