“there is a dangerous phase in the process of falling for someone

whether you fall to completion or not, you’re currently in the midst of falling at this moment. in infatuation and in “like”, you are in the midst of falling.

there is a danger zone, a dangerous air space, that comes with this. 

it’s when you grow used to the world because they seem to be what makes it more colorful

less things seem to be spectacular to you than before, because they seem to be a spectacle in themselves.

music doesn’t sound the same, because when you listen to it, you want it to remind you of them, but then when it does remind you of them, you don’t know what else to do, because you’re just stuck listening to it, and you can’t exist them same way for the duration of the song, you just kinda wish that it didn’t remind you of them anymore.

funny things are funnier shared with them.

lovely experiences would be lovelier if they were there by your side

you inadvertently think about when you do something in relation to when they do something. or where you are regarding where they are

this is the danger zone

it can either be a beautiful experience, where everything you see, hear, smell, and feel is them and everything they see, hear, smell, and feel is you, and nothing in the world can seem wrong

or it can be painful

because everything you see and everything you hear reminds you of something impossible, something that you cannot help but dwell on, because any future together is a  mere fantasy

suddenly as you fall the sky falls with you, and now the weight of the world and of the sky is on your shoulders

this is a dangerous phase”

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