another quarter, another quarter video! 

in which i’m elected as class president, i join a sorority, and i learn how to longboard.

while this does a job of painting that idyllic picture for the third time in a row, i’m going to, once again, throw out that disclaimer that this quarter was very challenging in its own unique way.

throughout spring quarter, sure, you can party 5 days a week. sure, you can take poetry and have classes outside. sure, you can even say that just having the sun out is incredible. but like. we both know the deal here. it’s exhausting, and electric, and exciting, and fun, but we’re young and it’s so easy to get caught up in whatever it is one gets caught up in. 

when considering the music i would set this video to, i was considering the song perfect places by lorde. it’s a glorious song with sad, strikingly honest lyrics. i won’t say too much, but just find the lyrics to perfect places- you’ll get it. 

spring was undoubtedly fun, but my spring quarter was also hectic, high-energy (without ever truly letting up), frustrating, and just fundamentally: a lot. 

i loved this quarter. i really did. i’ve met so many new people, i’ve made so many new friends, campus suddenly opened up dramatically, but just know that there is, of course, a lot that is not on camera. i.e. scrambling to get work done, self-doubt, lack of motivation, anxiety, getting deathly ill between weeks 3-4, feeling disgusting after going out so much— it’s not going to be flames and fireworks and electricity all 10 weeks. by the end of it, i was excited for the quarter to end. not to leave stanford, but rather for everything to just stop and to rest. 

however, this was the end of my freshman year. and it was unbelievable. someone asked me if it was the greatest year of my life, and the answer was yes. of course it was. i’ve grown and learned so much. i’ve felt small, in both bad and existentially comforting ways. i’ve found lifelong friends. i’ve come to realise that life is a lot more complicated than i could have ever comprehended it to be before leaving brentwood. highest highs and lowest lows, as they say. and i wouldn’t change any of it for the world. 

at the end of the day, stay by zedd is a much more fitting song; desperately clinging onto something (that being, y’know, our youth) and knowing that time is passing and we have to move on, but begging it to stay for just one more minute. 

here’s my freshman spring quarter, part 3/3 of my freshman year. ❤


P.S. Happy Summer, congratulations to the newest graduates, can’t wait to write some more soon.



6 replies on “VIDEO: My Freshman Spring Quarter

  1. this captures the way i feel about end of junior year high school so much! i don’t want it to end necessarily, i just need it to stop momentarily to catch my breath. also, congrats on class president izzy! (and longboarding) ❤

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